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6 month baby dress

Puff Stitch Baby Hat in photo can be found here:

Mini length Flared Dress,  Drop shoulder Sleeveless (inset),  Round neck with single band collar.
Size: Baby 6 month

   Bernat Baby Softee; acrylic; machine wash/dry, about 6 oz.

Yarn used in sample dress: Baby Bee Sweet Delight yarn, which I believe is a Hobby Lobby brand. I used just over 1 ball of this yarn to make this dress. Each ball of this yarn is 3.5 oz.

   Gauge (single crochet over 4 in = 10 cm): 18.0 sts by 18.0 rows.
      Body crocheted using # F US hook.
      Ribbing crocheted on # E US hook.

FINISHED DIMENSIONS: (ins): ... with Moderate fit.
   Chest: 21.0     Top Neck Opening: 5.0       Length:  14.1   Front Neck Width:  2.5           Hem Len:   0.5
   Front Neck Depth:  1.6       Skirt Bottom:  29.2   Armhole:   8.2

      Yarn as stated above
      F hook, E hook
      Large eye needle
      Ruler [to measure your work to make sure its correct]
      Optional: button or baby patch to sew on front, ribbon to sew around waist, sewing thread and needle.

Stitches used:
      Sc [single crochet]
      Sl st [slip stitch]
      Ch [chain]
      Dc [double crochet]
      Yo [yarn over]
      Rsc [reverse single crochet]
      Esc [extended single crochet] To work this stitch, insert hook in st, pull loop hook back through st, yo and pull through one st on hook, yo and pull through last st on hook. Its sort of a long single crochet that looks like you are working a double crochet, but it is very springy.  You can find more info on this stitch at this site:
      Shell - 5 dc in one stitch, skip next st, sc in next st, skip next st, shell in next, repeat across row.

Note:  Read ALL these instructions thoroughly BEFORE starting to crochet.

BACK Bodice:
1.  Chain 50 sts using size F hook.  Sc in second ch from hook, sc across. 47 sc.
2.  Work 15 more rows.  [2.3]  Row 3 is right side.
3.  Armhole shaping.  Sl st in first 6 sts, ch 1, sc in same space, sc across to last 5 sts, ch 1, turn. Do not work last 5 sts.  [39 sc]
4.  Work even until armhole measures 4.9 ins (28 rows).
5.  Tie off.

1.  Right side of work facing.  Holding the dress piece upside down, use size F hook to sc in 49 sts from back waist [the other side of the starting ch]. Work 3 rows even on all 49 sts.
2. Inc 4 sts evenly spaced in these rows: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Work to 5.7 ins (20 rows total).
3.  Hem.  Work one row sc. Next row is on right side: work one row of shell st. End off, leaving long thread for sewing seam.

1-2  Follow steps 1 and 2 as for back.
3.  Armhole.    Dec for armhole at both ends as for back.  Continue until armhole measures 3.1 ins (18 rows), with 39 sts remaining.
4.  Shape neck.  Work 14 sts.  Skip the next 11 sts.  Dec 1 st at neck edge every row 7 times, until 7 sts remain.  Repeat for other side, but reverse the shaping to match.
5.  Work even until armhole measures 4.9 ins (2 rows).  Tie off 7 shoulder sts.  Leave long thread for sewing shoulder seams.

SKIRT FRONT: work as for skirt back.

1. Sew front to back along shoulder seams.

Neck edging the way I did it:
With right side facing:
Attach yarn with sc at one shoulder seam. Work one row of sc around opening, join with sl st. Ch 1, work one row of reverse sc around, join with sl st. End off.

Armhole edging the way I did it:
With right side facing:
Attach yarn with sc in last st on edge of armhole, just before the sc st of row 17 of garment. Sc around entire opening, join with sl st. Ch 1, work one row of rsc back along these sc sts, but DO NOT work sts of underarm area. End off.

To work ribbing as originally written in pattern software, follow these steps below. Warning: I have not tested these instructions to see how correct or incorrect they are. The software author is not a crocheter, so a lot of the terms are not the way they should be.

---  on size E hook.
1.  With right side of work facing, pick up and work 25 sts from back neck holder, 10 sts from left front neck edge, 11 sts from front neck holder, and 10 sts from right front neck edge.  Total 56 sts.
2.  Work 0.6 ins (4 rows) in single ribbing.  Tie off.

---  on size E hook
1.  With right side of work facing, pick up and work 48 sts along armhole edge between side seams by picking up one st for every armhole cast-off st and one for every row.
2.  Inc to 52 sts.
3.  Work in single ribbing for 0.2 ins (approx. 2 rows).  Tie off.

Pattern designed by: CJ
with KNITWARE DESIGN  (Version 2.50.2) from Morningdew Consulting Services Ltd, Victoria, BC CANADA
If you prefer to save the images separately, be sure to save all 3 of them.