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Easy crocheted Fun Fur/eyelash yarn scarf
January 2004

Lionbrand Fun Fur or other eyelash/fur yarn of your choice. - 2 balls, any color. The photo above shows one ball red, one ball white.
Size K hook for beginners. J hook for experienced crocheters.

For a fashion scarf, chain 11, turn, single crochet back to beginning ch [10 sc].
If using a smaller hook or to make the scarf a little wider, make the beginning chain as long as you want it. Just remember that the wider it is, the more balls of yarn you will need if you want your scarf to be long.

Sc across these 10 sts, ch 1 and turn at end of each row. when you come to the end of the ball, tie on the next one and keep working. You don't have to work the ends into your work. You can just go back and clip the ends to blend with the eyelashes. Same with the beginning and ending strands.

Sc works best. Hdc works pretty good. Dc does not work well with this yarn, unless you hold one strand of eyelash yarn and another strand of a worsted
weight yarn or sport yarn together.

You WILL skip stitches. It's important to keep counting the sts while working each row, and when you find that you've skipped a st, just work 2 in the middle of the next row. You can rip out the row, but unless you are patient, you may tangle it and never get it apart. It's just easier to replace that skipped stitch in the middle of the next row.

I used a size K hook on all of the Fun Fur I used. I used a P hook on the Bernat Boa, as it looked awful worked with a smaller hook. I altered the beginning chain to only 6, so that the finished scarf would be just about the same width as the Fun Fur was. I used Cha Cha yarn for one scarf, and it worked up ok with the K hook. Bernat makes a great eyelash yarn, but it only comes in funky colors, no solids. It also works up well with the K or I hook, and has a much fuller look to it than the Fun Fur does.

Please do not post this pattern to any list or place on any web site or collection without my written permission. Leave all info with the pattern, including the copyright notice, if you print this pattern.