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This page will list what's been added recently. The older items will be at the bottom, while the newer items will be at the top. I will delete the older items as this page fills up.

MAY 2014

It's been a long time.....  My site was hit with something that removed the links to all my pages, and removed or destroyed the large photos I'd uploaded, so I've had to rebuild my entire site. Hired the people at my ISP to do this for me, and they've done a really great job. I still have to upload content, but they did the main work.  So, my web site has a new look. Some new content, mostly the same old stuff, with some of the pages from the old site removed. I'm still adding content as I can, so this web site will still be a 'work in progress' for awhile. Add in family stuff [3 deaths in a short amount of time], life in general and a major move to another state, and you can understand why this has taken me awhile to get this done. Some of the images will have a different URL that is not this one. Those photos are from my old site, but I want all of that content to be here. They are still mine, no matter what URL is on them. Feel free to share my URL with others. If you post my URL on your web site, please drop me a line so I can look at your site, too. Thanks.

Just a reminder: anything I've made that I've uploaded to my web site are still mine. I offer the patterns for free, to be made by anyone who wants to make them, but I ask that they not be included in any compliation and they not be altered. I do not have patterns for everything, and those things are usually in the galleries for INSPIRATION  purposes only. Do not steal my ideas. It's still against the law to do that. If you find problems or can suggest inprovements to my patterns, by all means, drop me a line.

November 2008

An interesting tidbit: My daughters MIL showed her a catalog recently, and pointed to a bracelet that she liked. She then held up a bracelet that I'd made for her the year before, and asked if the catalog is where I got my idea. Nope. I might get some ideas from catalogs, but I am always up front about that. When things are my own idea, I just give the gifts and hope they are liked. If I find an item that I like and reproduce it, I tell everyone I give it to what I've done and where I found the idea. My daughter said the bracelet in the catalog was IDENTICAL to the one I had made. I told her that I put photos on my web site of things I've made, and that might be where someone got the idea for the bracelet in the catalog. It's interesting that it was selling for over $100. I hope I don't need to remind everyone that once I put something on my web site, photos or my written thoughts, they are automatically copyrighted to me. That's the law.